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Chiranjeevi’s Bio-Data


Name: Chiranjeevi
Original Name: Konidella Sivasankara Varaprasad
Nick Name: Chiru, Chiranjeevi, Megastar
Born: August 22nd, 1955
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′ 9 “
Birth Place: Mogalturu, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Profession: Actor
Religion: Hindu

Father: Sri Venkat Rao
Mother: Anjana Devi
Brothers: Nagendra Babu, Pavan Kalyan
Sisters: Vijaya Durga & Madhavi
Wife: Surekha
Daughters: Sushmita (12.03.1982) & Srija (09.11.1988)
Son: Ramcharan Tej (27.03.1985)
Education: B.Com (Narsapur College), Diploma in film acting
• Obtained Diploma in acting on 30th June 1978
• First Film acted: Punadi Rallu
• First Film Released on: 22nd September 1978
• First 100 Days film: Manavuri Pandavulu
• First heroine: Reshmaroy
Debut Film: Pranam Khareedu (telugu)
God: Hanuman
Heroine: Hema Malini
Plays he acted in: Chaiman, Rajeenama, Light Veligindi
First cinema person to meet when he went to Madras for acting: Laxmi Deepak
First Film acted: Punadi Rallu
First Film Released: Pranam Khareedu
First Heroine: Reshma Rai
First Producer to give remuneration: Jaya Krishna (Rs 1,116/-)
First Clap: Love in Singapore
Number of films before marriage:11
First Duel Role: Nakili Manishi
First Shield Received: Manavoori Pandavulu
First Outdoor film: Punadi Rallu (Rajahmundry)
First shield distribution: Manishiko Charitra
First film with more costumes: Gudhachari No. 1
First special getup: Chattaniki Kallulevu (as a Negro in a song)
First Wig film: Raktha bandham
First guest dance film: Prema Natakam
Unreleased films: Vaddi Kasula vaadu, Chinna Puli - Pedda Puli

In January 2006, Mr Chiranjeevi was honored with the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award in India. In November 2006, Chiranjeevi was awarded with a honorary doctorate by Andhra University for his services to the Telugu film industry and for his social work, A P Govt Nandi Awards for Swayankrushi (1987) and Apatbandhavudu (1992). Over 10 Filmfare Awards won.
Address of Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust:

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, 6-3-345/16, Hindi Nagar, PanjaGutta, Hyderabad - 500 034 Telephone: (040)-335 3114


Chiranjeevi, the Megastar of Tollywood today, was born on 22nd August of 1955 in Mogalturu, a small village in ‘West Godavari’ District in Andhra Pradesh to Sri Venkat Rao and Anjana Devi. He grew up in his native village with his grand parents, while his family was elsewhere because of his father’s occupation. The sense of discipline and hard work which he still embraces were introduced at a very young age in his life and the tough childhood he had, being the eldest in his family, have helped him to handle many such events of higher proportion with great expertise in the later stages of his life.
Little did he imagine, even in the wildest of his dreams that he would, one day, be a Megastar and rule the Telugu Film Industry. Years later, this youngster, dearly called “Chiru” in the Film Industry, with his hard work and dedication to his profession could make it really big in the field hitting the limelight, with an unparallel fan following emulating his every act, word, dress and dance. What makes this ordinary human being such an extraordinary one - Hardwork and Dedication!
Varaprasad’s education was nomadic accounting to his father Venkat Rao’s frequent transfers to Ongole, Bapatla, Chirala, Nellore etc, which didn’t really defer Vara Prasad as he gained a great friend circle wherever he was. Varaprasad is really fortunate for his father has constantly encouraged him after having discovered the undaunted liking of his son towards cultural activities.
Varaprasad did his schooling in Nidadavolu, Gurajala, Ponnuru, Mangalagiri and Mogalturu. He also won first prize for his first performance as Parandamayya Panthulu. After high school, Varaprasad joined Bi.P.C in P.R.Sharma Jr. College at Ongole. Following that he finished his B.Com from Narasapur college.

After graduation, Varaprasad moved to Madras to seek a career in his chosen field of acting in the Film Industry. To get himself ready for the camera, he joined in a film institute. This was in 1977.
Varaprasad was offered the lead role in the film Punaadi Raallu, produced by Sheikh Abdul Khadir in the direction of Raj Kumar, which has laid the foundation stone to the acting career of Vara Prasad as Chiranjeevi. Even though Punadi Raalu was his first movie, it was Pranam Kareedhu that was his first release. Pranam kareedhu directed by K Vasu was released on September 22nd, 1978. The second movie to release was Manavuri Pandavulu from which Chiranjeevi started gaining recognition as hero among the spectators.
In the beginning of his career, Chiranjeevi donned villain roles in films like Kukka Kaatuki Cheppu Debba, Kotthapeta Rowdi etc. His focused concentration in speedy dance movements, risky hair rising fights evoked immense response from the spectators.
Chiranjeevi tied the wedding knot to Surekha, daughter of eminent yesteryear comedian Allu Ramalingayya, on 20th of February, 1980. The auspicious time was 11:50 AM. The couple is blessed with 2 daughters, Susmitha and Srija and a son, Ram Charan Teja.
Films like ‘Kothala Raayudu’, ‘Punnami Naagu’, ‘Mogudu Kaavali’, ‘Kiraayi Rowdeelu’, ‘Subhalekha’, ‘Maga Maharaju’, ‘Intlo Raamayya-Veedhilo Krishnayya’, ‘Abhilasha’, ‘Manthri Gaari Viyyankudu’ etc are the super-hits in his first phase.
‘Khaidi’, released in 1983, gave Chiranjeevi a thrusting progress towards a commercial career. His fights and dance movements in this film are still a rage among the movie lovers. He never looked back after this. The films ala Goonda, Donga, Nagu, Adavi Donga, Yama Kinkarudu, Kirathakudu, Rusthum proved his fighting skills in action roles. He is referred to as Dynamic hero during that time.
The films ala Vijetha, Magadheerudu, KondaveetiRaja, Chantabbayi, Challenge, Rakshasudu, DongaMogudu showed his versatility in performance.
The film Pasivadi Pranam, released in 1987, gave Chiranjeevi a super stardom. New style of dances were introduced. Chiranjeevi created waves with his steps which is known as “Break Dance”. In the same year he acted in SwayamKrushi in the direction of kalatapasvi K. Viswanath and won Nandi Award for his performance.
Chiranjeevi is a Saleable Product, Chiranjeevi is a Hot cake - is what both industry people and the spectators chant beyond any doubt. He gave super duper hits such as YamudikiMogudu, AthakiYamudu Ammayiki Mogudu.
Chiru became Supreme Hero with Yamudiki Mogudu. The title “Megastar” was used for the first time while publicizing K.S.Rama Rao’s movie Marana Mrudangam which released in August 1988. In the same year was released Rudraveena directed by K.Balachander, which bagged the “Nargis Dutt” award for Chiranjeevi in the national arena.
The first half of 90’s decade peaked Chiranjeevi’s career graph to soaring heights for every movie released rewrote the box-office history. Gang Leader, Rowdi Alludu, Jagadeka Veerudu-Athiloka Sundari, Gharana Mogudu are only a few to be cited.
Unfortunately, even the much bright star, Sun, encounters a phase of eclipse. And Chiranjeevi is no exception. Movies like Mechanic Alludu, SP Parasuram, Big Boss, Rickshavodu proved to be commercially disastrous. Mugguru Mongallu, Alluda Majaka did average at the box office. Big Boss and Rikshavodu were mere formula films. The controversy raked by Alluda Majaaka for some double-intender dialogues and few scenes affected Chiranjeevi’s image among his fans.
Chiranjeevi threw a self-declared ‘gap’ after Rickshavodu to have a self-scanning of his conscience and thus emerged out with much mature and versatile portrayal with the film Hitler followed by ‘Master’, ‘Baavagaaru Baagunnara’, ‘Choodaalani Vundi’, ”Sneham Kosam’, ‘Sneham Kosam’, ‘Iddaru Mithrulu’, ‘Annayya’, ‘Indra’, ‘Stalin’, ‘Shankar Dada MBBS’ and Chiranjeevi fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Shankar Dada Zindabad.
Chiranjeevi didn’t limit himself only to Telugu spectators. He is well acclaimed by Bollywood for his films ‘Prathibandh’, ‘Aaj ka Goondaraj’. The dubbed version of ‘Gang Leader’, The hunters of the Indian treasure, introduced Chiranjeevi to foreign spectators as well.
On October 2, 1998, he founded the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT), which includes Chiranjeevi Blood and Eye Banks. It is the state’s largest recipient of Blood and Eye Donations. The Blood Bank of the CCT helped over 80,000 people and the Eye Bank has helped about 1000 people in the state of Andhra Pradesh since its opening.
So far around 3.5 lakh people have pledged their eyes to CCT so far, giving 1600 people eye sight through CCT. CCT has also won the “Best Voluntary Blood Bank Award” by the AP State Government for the past 4 years.
On June 10, 2006, The President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, inaugurated the Chiranjeevi Charitable Foundation (CCF) at the Jubilee Hills Check post in Hyderabad.
Recently chiranjeevi charitable trust has reached one more landmark by crossing the one lakh mark in collecting the blood and more than 96,000 people were helped with blood by this blood bank.
* Chiranjeevi won Southern Filmfare Award (Best Actor) for seven years
* Chiranjeevi is one of the highest paid actors in India.
* Chiranjeevi’s “Thriller” music video is one of the most viewed videos on Youtube.
* Chiranjeevi’s old hit movies are given to the distributors and exhibitors for free when ever they loose money on his new movie. And his old movies are still good grossers at box office


* Pranam Kareedu (Reshma Roy-22/09/78)
* Manavoori Pandavulu (09/11/78)
* Tayaramma Bangarayya (Madhavi-12/01/79)
* Kukka Katuku Cheppu Debba (Madhavi-01/03/79)
* Kotta Alludu (villain) - 31/05/79
* I love You (Suvarna-01/06/79)
* Poonadi Rallu (21/06/79)
* Idi Katha Kaadu (Jayasudha-29/06/79)
* Sri Rambantu (Geeta-03/07/79)
* Kothala Raayudu(Madhavi-15/09/79)
* Agni Samskaram(Madhavi-21/02/80)
* Kottapeta Rowdy (guest) -07/03/80
* Chandipriya(Suvarna-07/03/80)
* Aarani Mantalu(Kavita-15/03/80)
* Jathara(Indrani-19/04/80)
* Mosagadu (villain)-22/05/80
* Punnami Naagu(Menaka-13/06/80)
* Nakili Manishi(Sangeeta & Sunita -01/08/80)
* Kaali(Fatafat Jayalakshmi-19/09/80)
* Thathayya Premaleelalu(Geeta & Seema-19/09/80)
* Love In Singapore(Meslin-27/09/80)
* Prema Tarangalu(Sujatha-24/10/80)
* Mogudu Kaavali(Gayatri-15/11/80)
* Rakta Sambandham(Suvarna-13/12/80)
* Adavaalu Meeku Joharulu(Suvarna-15/01/81)
* Paravathi Parameshwarulu(Prabha-06/02/81)
* Todu Dongalu(Geeta-12/02/81)
* Tirugu Leni Manishi(Fatafat Jayalakshmi-03/04/81)
* Prema Natakam (guest) -18/04/81
* Nayam Kavali(Radhika-15/05/81)
* Ooriki Ichina Maata(Kavita-24/06/81)
* Rani Kasula Rangamma(Sridevi-01/08/81)
* Rojulu(Jaya Prada-03/09/81)
* Srirasthu Subhamasthu(Swapna-26/09/81)
* Priya(Radhika (guest)-23/10/81)
* Chettaniki Kallu Levu(Madhavi-30/10/81)
* Kirayi Rowdylu(Radhika-24/12/81)
* Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya(Madhavi-23/04/82)
* Bandipotu Simham(sumangali-21/05/82)
* Subhalekha(Sumalatha-11/06/82)
* Idi Pellantara(Radhika-16/07/82)
* Sitadevi(Rajani-30/07/82)
* Radha My Darling(Vijaya Kala-30/07/82)
* Tingu Rangadu(Geetika-01/10/82)
* Patnam Vachina Prativrathalu(Radhika-01/01/82)
* Billa Ranga(Syamala Gowry-15/10/82)
* Yamakinakarudu(Radhika-22/10/82)
* Mondigatam(Radhika-06/11/82)
* Manchupallaki(Suhasini-19/11/82)
* Bandhalu Anubandhalu(Suhasini-26/11/82)
* Prema Pichollu(Radhika-14/01/83)
* Pelletoori Monagadu(Radhika-05/02/83)
* Abhilasha(Radhika-11/03/83)
* Aalyashikaram(Sumalatha-07/05/83)
* Shivudu Shivudu Shivudu(Radhika-09/06/83)
* Puli Bebbuli(Radhika-16/06/83)
* Gudachari No.1(Radhika-30/06/83)
* Magamaha Raju(Suhasini-15/07/83)
* Roshagadu(Madhavi-29/07/83)
* Maa Inti Premayanam(Madhavi-11/08/83)
* Simhapoori Simham(Radhika & Madhavi-20/10/83)
* Khaidi(Madhavi, Sumalatha-28/10/83)
* Mantri Gari Viyankudu(Poornima Jayaram-04/11/83)
* Sangarshana(Nalini-29/12/83)
* Allulu Vasthunnaru(Geeta-11/02/84)
* Goonda(Radha-23/02/84)
* Hero(Radhika-23/03/84)
* Devanthakudu(Vijaya Shanti-12/04/84)
* Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu(Vijaya Shanti-28/06/84)
* Challenge(Vijaya Shanti & Suhasini-09/08/84)
* Intiguttu(Nalini-14/09/84)
* Naagu(Radha-11/10/84)
* Agnigundam(Sumalatha-23/11/84)
* Rustum(Urvasi-21/12/84)
* Chattam Tho Poratam(Madhavi & Sumalatha -11/01/85)
* Donga(-Radha14/03/85)
* Chiranjeevi(Vijaya Shanti-18/04/85)
* Jwala(Bhanupriya & Radhika -14/07/85)
* Puli (Radha -26/07/85 )
* Raktha Sindhuram (Radha -24/08/85)
* Adavi Donga (Radha -19/09/85 )
* Vijetha (Bhanupriya -23/10/85 )
* Keerathakudu (Suhasini -10/01/86 )
* Kondaveeti Raja (Vijaya Shanti & Radha -31/01/86)
* Magadheerudu (Jaya Sudha -07/03/86 )
* Veta (Jaya Prada -28/05/86 )
* Chantabbai (Suhasini -22/08/86)
* Rakshasudu (Suhasini & Radha -02/10/86)
* Dairyavanthudu (Vijaya Shanti -27/11/86 )
* Chanakya Shapadham (Vijaya Shanti -18/12/86)
* Donga Mogudu (Radhika, Madhavi & Bhanupriya-09/01/87)
* Aradhana (Suhasini -27/03/87)
* Chakravarthy (Bhanupriya -04/06/87 )
* Pasivadi Pranam (Vijaya Shanti -23/07/87 )
* Swayam Krushi (Vijaya Shanti -03/09/87)
* Jebu Donga (Radha, Bhanu Priya -25/12/87)
* Manchi Donga (Vijaya Shanti & Suhasini-14/01/88)
* Rudraveena (Sobhana -04/03/88)
* Yamudiki Mogudu (Vijaya Shanti & Radha-29/04/88)
* Khaidi No.786 (Bhanupriya -10/06/88 )
* Marana Mrudangam (Radha & Suhasini -04/08/88)
* Trinetrudu (Bhanupriya -22/09/88 )
* Yudda Bhoomi (Vijaya Shanti -11/11/88)
* Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu (Vijaya Shanti-14/01/89)
* State Rowdy (Radha & Bhanupriya -23/03/89)
* Rudranetra (Vijaya Shanti & Radha -16/06/89)
* Lankeshwarudu (Radha -27/10/89)
* Kondaveeti Donga (Radha & Vijayashanti -09/03/90)
* Jagadekaveerudu Athilokasundari (Sridevi -09/05/90)
* Kodama Simham (Radha, Sonam & Vani Vishwanath -09/08/9)
* Prathibandh (Hindi) (Juhi Chawla -28/09/90)
* Raja Vikramarka (Amala & Radhika -14/11/90)
* Stoovertpuram Police Station (Vijaya Shanti & Nirosha-09/01/91)
* Gang Leader (Vijaya Shanti -09/05/91)
* Rowdy Alludu (Sobhana & Divaya Bharati -18/10/91)
* Gharan Mogudu (Nagma & Vani Vishwanath -09/04/92)
* Aaj Ka Goonda Raj (Hindi) (Menakshi Seshadri -10/07/92)
* Aapathbandavudu (Menakshi Seshadri -09/10/92)
* Mutamestri (Meena & Roja -17/01/93)
* Mechanic Alludu (Vijaya Shanti -27/05/93)
* Mugguru Monagallu (Roja, Nagma & Ramya Krishna -07/01/94)
* S.P.Parshuram (Sridevi -16/06/94)
* The Gentleman (Hindi) (Juhi Chawla -18/11/94 )
* Alluda Mazaaka…! (Ramya Krishna & Rambha -26/02/95 )
* BigBoss (Roja -15/06/95)
* Rikshavodu (Nagma & Soundarya-14/12/95)
* Hitler (Rambha -04/01/97)
* Master (Sakshi Sivanand & Roshini -03/10/97)
* Bavagaru Bagunnara..? (Rambha -09/04/98)
* Choodalani Vundi (Soundarya & Anjala Zhaveri -27/09/98)
* Sneham Kosam (Meena -01/01/99)
* Iddaru Mitrulu (Saakshi Sivanand,Rambha & Ramya Krishna-30/04/99)
* Annayya (Soundarya & Simran -07/01/00)
* Mrigaraju (Simran, Sanghvi & Rambha -11/01/01)
* Manjunatha (Meena & Soundarya -22/06/01 )
* Daddy (Simran & Ashima Bhalla -04/10/01 )
* Indra (Sonali Bendre, Arti Agrawal -24/07/02)
* Tagore (Jyothika, Shriya -18/09/03)
* Anji (Namratha Sirodkar -15/01/04)
* Shankar Dada MBBS (Sonali Bendre -15/10/04)
* Andarivadu (Tabu & Rimmi Sen -04/06/05 )
* Jai Chiranjeeva(21/12/05)
* Stalin(20/09/06)
* Shankardada Zindabad